Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sentence recall-- Luria

Although list learning requires multiple presentations, normals can easily recall one and then a second 7 or 8 word sentence (simplified if aphasic) and then repeat both sentences in order. 

first sentence:  "Apple trees grew in the garden  behind the high fence" or "The hunter killed a wolf on the edge of the forest.  "  Second sentence  :  " In Tashkent there was an earthquake and many houses were destroyed" or "In Tushino there was an air display and parachute jumps." 

Simpler versions "The boy is cold" or "the girl is asleep" or "the boy hit the dog" or "the girl drinks tea"

Results: Amnesics could repeat the sentences immediately, or after empty or filled pauses, with some trouble if the pause was filled with rapid speech.  However, when given a second sentence, they either lost the first or mixed up the elements. 

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