Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finger agnosia in Alzheimer's disease

Shenal BV, Jackson MD, Crucian GP, Heilman KM.  Cog Behav Neurol 2006; 19:202-203.

Authors compared patients with Alzheimer's disease seen at Memory disorders clinic at University of Florida, comparing 38 AD patients and 10 normal age matched controls.  Subjects with Alzheimer's disease had trouble naming fingers, especially their index finger (correct answers allowed were index finger, forefinger, and "dog" finger."  All normal controls named all three fingers tested (including thumb, index finger, and pinky). AD patients 37 % could not name index finger, 5% could not name their thumb, 13 % could not name their pinky.   None could name index finger and not name thumb or pinky. 

Stratified by severity, with mild AD patients (mean MMSE of 23), moderate (mean MMSE of 19) and severe (mean MMSE of 11), 14 % of mild patients cold not name their index finger, 45 % of moderates could not, and 54 % of severe patients could not.

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