Sunday, July 25, 2010

Neurology of lying-- localizaion

Spence et al. Neuroreport 2001.  longer rt's and activation in VLPFC.
Langleben et al. Neuroimage 2002-- guilty knowledge test (GKT) and fMRI showed activation in SFG and ACC. 
Ganis et al. Cereb Cortex 2003.  right anterior prefrontal cortex was involved in well rehearsed more elaborate lies, whereas a network involving anterior prefrontal cortex involved in spontaneous lies.
Kozel et al J Neuropsychiatry and Clin Neurosci 2005- OF cortex and ACC involved in deceptio
Abe et al. (Brain 2009) noted PD patients are "honest" and have trouble lying, and that left DLPFC is dominant for inhibiting replies, esp truth telling, ie feigning ignorance. 
Karim et al. Cereb Cortex-- TMS of left cortex FACILITATES lying perhaps by relieving moral conflict.
Sellal JNNP 1993- reflex epilepsy, patient had seizures when he lied.  Had meningioma in right anterior clinoid.  Tumor pressed on amygdala. 
Hakun et al Neurocase 2008-- fMRI as lie detector-ventrolateral frontal activated even when lying was not demanded explicitly
Seth et al.  Neuroimage 2006- MEEG can be used for trial by trial detection of lies.
Modell et al.  J Neuropsychiatry and Clin Neurosci 1992-- pathological lying associated with decreased tracer uptake in right thalamus.
Yang et al. Br J Psych 2007.  Increased white matter among pathological liars especially OF, IFG, MFG.
Fenelon et al. BMJ 1991 and other cits.-- Munchhausen's s- associated with bilateral frontotemporal atrophy, hyperperfusion of right thalamus, cerebral palsy, high signal in PVWM bihemispheric. 
Grezes et al J Neurosci 2004.  detecting deception activates amygdala and rostral ACC.
Harada et al.  Neurosci Research 2009- moral and lie judgments activate VMPFC, lateral OF, left temporal, left temp-par junction, and right cerebellum.
Etcoff et al. Nature 2000- loss of language due to left MCA stroke was associated with increased ability to detect deception.
Stuss et al. Brain 2001-  bilateral esp right OF lesions impaired ability to detect deception.
Autistics have trouble lying.

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